Invited Talk:  How to care about the data

Dr. Piorecka, as a part of the ATiN and BRAIN Team, will take an invited talk about the way of data in process of record and analysis.

The seminar will be on the 27th of January 2022 and will take place in the NUDZ seminar within the cycle “Courses of selected methods and techniques in research”. The full title of the seminar is “Towards a fast and reproducible analysis of hdEEG, EEG, animal EEG, and polysomnography: how to take care of data”.

Aims: The aim of the seminar is to acquaint the participants with the data life cycle, which connects to NUDZ within EEG experiments.
Abstract: At the same time we try to answer the following questions. What’s going on with the data since
acquisition only after their analysis? How can we speed up this cycle? How to efficiently prepare data for sharing with third parties and how to prepare a dataset for reproducible analysis? How to save work when handling data and how to store it securely?
Who is the course for: Especially for researchers in the field of electroencephalography, polysomnography, and animal EEG. Most methods can be applied to other domains such as eye-tracking or MRI.

The seminar will discuss the needs of stakeholders in conducting experiments and analyzing data.

Link to the original event (in Czech):

Original image to this post comes from the study: Gallagher, Rachael & Falster, Daniel & Maitner, Brian & Salguero-Gómez, Roberto & Vandvik, Vigdis & Pearse, William & Schneider, Florian & Kattge, Jens & Alroy, John & Ankenbrand, Markus & Andrew, Samuel & Balk, Meghan & Bland, Lucie & Boyle, Brad & Bravo Avila, Catherine & Brennan, Ian & Carthey, Alexandra & Catullo, Renee & Cavazos, Brittany & Enquist, Brian. (2019). The Open Traits Network: Using Open Science principles to accelerate trait-based science across the Tree of Life. 10.32942/

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